The 25 Best Jobs in America: Tech gigs dominate Glassdoor’s annual ranking (GeekWire)

A new survey from Glassdoor finds that 46 percent of respondents are planning to look for a new job in 2016. And if they use the employer data site’s new list of the 25 Best Jobs in America as a guide, they’ll probably be looking in the tech industry.

Data scientists top the list of best jobs, with mobile developers, solutions architects, and software engineers all scoring high. UX designer, engagement manager, and analytics manager are new additions that weren’t present on last year’s list.

Glassdoor compiled the rankings using three factors: Earning potential (calculated with the median base salary), number of job openings, and a “career opportunities rating” provided by U.S. employees over the past year.

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  1. Data Scientist (Median Base Salary: $116,840)
  2. Tax Manager (Median Base Salary: $108,000)
  3. Solutions Architect (Median Base Salary: $119,500)
  4. Engagement Manager (Median Base Salary: $125,000)
  5. Mobile Developer (Median Base Salary: $90,000)
  6. HR Manager (Median Base Salary: $85,000)
  7. Physician Assistant (Median Base Salary: $97,000)
  8. Product Manager (Median Base Salary: $106,680)
  9. Software Engineer (Median Base Salary: $95,000)
  10. Audit Manager (Median Base Salary: $95,000)
  11. Analytics Manager (Median Base Salary: $105,000)
  12. Software Development Manager (Median Base Salary: $135,000)
  13. Product Marketing Manager (Median Base Salary: $115,000)
  14. Marketing Manager (Median Base Salary: $90,000)
  15. QA Manager (Median Base Salary: $85,000)
  16. Finance Manager (Median Base Salary: $115,000)
  17. Business Development Manager (Median Base Salary: $80,000)
  18. UX Designer (Median Base Salary: $91,800)
  19. Strategy Manager (Median Base Salary: $130,000)
  20. Technical Account Manager (Median Base Salary: $69,548)
  21. Consultant (Median Base Salary: $84,000)
  22. Construction Superintendent (Median Base Salary: $78,000)
  23. Nurse Practitioner (Median Base Salary: $99,500)
  24. Electrical Engineer (Median Base Salary: $76,900)
  25. Software Architect (Median Base Salary: $130,000)

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