Pittsburgh Regional STEM Ecosystem Initiative---Asset Survey

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Dear Pittsburgh Regional STEM Education Advocate and Supporter,

The STEM Learning Ecosystem is a national initiative launched in the summer of 2015 by the STEM Funders Network to build a national Community of Practice around STEM. Pittsburgh is honored to have been selected as a pilot site to launch this visionary program to catalyze and scale great STEM programs and communities for all young people. The pursuit of robust STEM programs throughout our country and indeed the world is driven by evidence that the careers of the future will certainly require STEM literacy and as a nation our workforce and economic vitality will depend on a STEM fluent population. The STEM Learning Ecosystem Initiative views STEM as a cradle to career national imperative and we are thankful to have been chosen to help build understanding and capacity to advance this important work.

Pittsburgh is fortunate to have enthusiastic and supportive stakeholders with a commitment to catalyze STEM for all. The current informal Ecosystem team is comprised of supporters from K-12 education, informal/out of school STEM programs, STEM-rich institutions, business and industry, higher-ed and philanthropy committed to fostering a robust dialog to drive this initiative. The goal of the our region’s participation is to contribute to the growth of an innovative community of practice around STEM by helping to build a robust culture of STEM literacy for all students and a thriving workforce capable of meeting the demands of our 21st century economy. As a central theme of our mission, Remake Learning is working with other regional partners to build and stimulate STEM activities in Pittsburgh to create a true “STEM Learning Ecosystem”.

As a part of the STEM Learning Ecosystem Initiative, we have been provided with a STEM Attitudes and Awareness and Asset Map Survey to more broadly determine the landscape of STEM assets in the region and understand the attitudes shaping our current STEM identity. This survey is a means to illuminate the skills, talents, and resources that exist in the STEM community and summarize key assets, such as programs, instructional practices and tools, community centers, resources, funding opportunities, and key STEM partners for this effort, as people are the central source of wealth for the community. Further, the survey is also a mechanism to assess gaps and needs in the region for which we can collectively work together to provide support. This identification of assets/gaps will be assessed against best practices across the nation to determine potential opportunities for future investment/focus. In order to hear from the largest possible audience PLEASE FORWARD this to colleagues who you feel may be interested in this work.

We appreciate your time and value your input into this survey, which should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. You may save the survey and return to it should you need more time, but we are asking that you complete it by Friday, November 6th. For your convenience, you can also complete the survey on your mobile device.

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Thank you in advance for your participation.

Anne Sekula, Director of Remake Learning Council