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Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway Recognized for “Leading Edge Business Practice” by Association of Science-Technology Centers

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 23, 2015 – Carnegie Science Center has won the 2015 Roy L.

Registration Opens for 2015-16 FUTURE CITY COMPETITION Science Center Invites Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Graders to Explore Theme of ‘WASTE NOT, WANT NOT’

Pittsburgh, Sept. 18, 2015 – Carnegie Science Center is now accepting registrations for middle-school teams to compete in the 2015-16 Future City® Competition, a program of DiscoverE. Future City is a national, project-based learning experience challenging students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade to imagine, design, and build cities of the future.



Pittsburgh, Sept. 24, 2015 – Carnegie Science Center’s Girls Rock Science Weekend, on Oct. 3 and Oct. 4, is designed to get girls excited about and engaged in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) pursuits.

The PayScale Scholarship: Women in STEM
The PayScale Scholarship: Women in STEM (PayScale)

Are you a woman pursuing a degree to help you become an engineer, mathematician, software developer, researcher or another STEM job? PayScale wants to help you achieve your goals. Apply for our Women in STEM Scholarship by completing the online form below and tell us why you deserve this award.

Report: How Millennials Use Mobile Devices at College Higher ed IT must get ahead of the mobile curve to support more students.
Report: How Millennials Use Mobile Devices at College Higher ed IT must get ahead of the mobile curve to support more students. (EdTech)

A new study on the mobile device habits of college students shows they’re leaving their desktops behind and venturing out into an increasingly mobile landscape — one in which higher ed infrastructure will have to evolve to accommodate.

Should Kindergartners Do Tougher Math? (Remake Learning)

Researchers have found that kindergarten is more academic than it used to be. Today’s kindergarteners spend about 25 percent more time on early literacy than they did in the 1990s, often at the expense of time for play and for subjects like art, music, and social studies.

Incorporating Games into Math Class: A Perspective on Leveraging Game-Based Learning to Promote STEM Enagement (STEMConnector)

Counted hopscotch, solitaire and tile games are all things that come to mind when you ask about math games I played as a kid. Today, though, these are a thing of the past, and the value of getting our students up and moving while they learn is more relevant than ever. Over the past two years, I’ve hosted many math game days resulting in both success as well as some trial-and-error when connecting physical movement to learning.

Parents, Students Want Computer Science Education in School (Gallup)

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Parents of seventh- to 12th-graders in the U.S. place a high value on computer science education in schools, according to a recent Gallup and Google study. Nine in 10 parents say offering opportunities to learn computer science is a good use of resources at their child's school, and about as many (91%) want their child to learn more computer science in the future.

Netflix to Launch Live-Action Tween Series about Science-Skilled Spy Girls (Indiewire)

Children's programming is a major if under-discussed part of Netflix's plan for streaming domination. At least 70 kids' shows were viewed by 2 million subscribers last year, revealed the notoriously circumspect company, while more than a dozen children's series were viewed by at least 5 million of Netflix's 35 million subscribers.

The STEM Gap Starts Early (Remake Learning)

A new study tracks STEM credits among a diverse group graduating from high school.

In the Digital Age, Young Teachers Need Tech Support Too (Remake Learning)

No matter their ages, teachers and students need support to capitalize on digital tools in the classroom.

U.S. Department of Labor and AAES Publish New Engineering Competency Model (STEMblog/STEM Connector)

July 10, 2015 - RESTON, Va. | The American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES) announced today that it has developed an Engineering Competency Model to serve as a guide for the development of the engineering workforce.

Getting an Early Jump on STEM (U.S. News)

Panelists at the U.S. News STEM Solutions Conference spoke about how children learn STEM at a young age.

Experts say early education is key to closing achievement gaps, and that teaching children about STEM topics even before kindergarten can help them be successful in school later on.



PITTSBURGH, July 1, 2015 — Carnegie Science Center announced today that Chevron has renewed its long-term support as the title sponsor of the Science Center’s Chevron Center for STEM Education and Career Development. Chevron will contribute $900,000 over a three-year period through 2017.

How NASA Broke The Gender Barrier In STEM
How NASA Broke The Gender Barrier In STEM (Fast Company)

For the first time, half of the astronaut class is women, and now NASA is offering new opportunities for female tech entrepreneurs.

Engineer the Revolution: Top Ten Strategies to Diversify Technology
Engineer the Revolution: Top Ten Strategies to Diversify Technology (Huff Post)

Looking for talent to drive a new engineering design from prototype to product? She is a 5th grader in Oakland. Looking for expertise on clean tech to advise your venture capital firm? She is a junior in high school in Washington, DC. You may not have imagined these individuals as the solution to your workforce needs, but we do.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Talks Keeping Teens Interested in STEM (U.S.News)

If wearing a tie-dye lab coat gets students interested in science, technology, engineering and math, that's what teachers should do.

For some high schoolers, science isn't an abstract topic they learn about in class, but the key to solving problems that affect the globe.

Littlecodr is the card game that teaches young kids to code (GeekWire)

Teaching kids the basics of coding early on is all the rage, and why not? As this Kickstarter points out, digital literacy is the next frontier.

College Board Launches STEM 'Credential' Initiative (U.S.News)

College- and career-bound students can now gain official recognition for studying science, technology, engineering and math.

STEM education is getting the College Board treatment.

The organization that administers the SAT and Advanced Placement exams announced a new effort Thursday aimed at attracting more high school students to potential careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Developer plans to turn North Side's Allegheny Center into technology hub (Post Gazette)

Decades ago, Allegheny Center on the North Side was a mecca for retailers such as Zayre, Sears, and Woolworth. Now a New York developer wants to keep it a focal point but in a new Pittsburgh kind of way — as a hub for technology and innovation.